'Ferrero Rocher' Chocolate Balls

'Ferrero Rocher' Chocolate Balls - Lara Fay Activewear




Is anyone else a Ferrero Rocher fan? ⁠
Store-bought Rocher chocolates are loaded with nasty ingredients, cheap fats and loads of sugar! So if indulging in a sweet treat, why not try one of these delicious chocolate balls? These Healthy Homemade Ferrero Rocher Balls are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free BUT taste so delicious. Really, a no-brainer!⁠


For the filling⁠
60 g rolled oats gluten-free⁠
130 g dates soaked in hot water for 20 minutes⁠
50 g hazelnut butter or any nut butter⁠
1 tsp instant espresso powder⁠
1 tsp vanilla extract⁠
3 tbsp cacao powder⁠
40 g finely ground hazelnuts (for the best flavor toasted as whole and then finely ground)⁠
2 tbsp nut milk- coconut milk, coconut cream, or hazelnut milk⁠
1/4 tsp salt⁠
For assembling:⁠
22 pieces whole toasted hazelnuts 25 g, skinned⁠
120 g dark chocolate chopped⁠
1 tsp coconut oil⁠
60 g whole toasted hazelnuts⁠


Place the oats in the bowl of your food processor and process as finely as possible. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until a thick smooth mass forms.⁠
Dump the chocolate batter onto a plate or sheet of cling film and take the 22 whole toasted hazelnuts. ⁠
Take a tbsp of batter and flatten into circle. Place a hazelnut in the middle and shape the batter around it. Roll in your palms until you've got a round truffle. Place truffles on a freezer-fit plate lined with cling film and place in the freezer.⁠
Chop dark chocolate and melt in a hot water bath (water should not boil) together with the coconut oil. While the chocolate melts, place toasted hazelnuts in a food processor and chop coarsely. Stir chocolate until smooth, then add the hazelnuts and stir. ⁠
Now, working quickly, dip chilled truffles into the chocolate hazelnut mixture and roll around, making sure they are coated evenly. Place on a plate to set.⁠
Store the homemade Ferrero Rocher balls in an airtight container at room temperature, or, if you prefer them chilled, in the fridge. ⁠

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