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About Us

The Brand

Lara Fay Activewear is a premium fashion-forward activewear brand, committed to creating innovative performance-driven fitness apparel for women. 

Living a healthy and active life is at the heart of Lara Fay. Inspiring women to become more active, by giving them beautifully designed, fashionable activewear. Lara Fay is designed with the modern woman in mind, trying to juggle a busy life, whilst trying to remain fit and healthy. 

Our products are luxurious and premium in nature. 


The Founder

After many years of working in the fashion industry, Lara Tennent, the founder, decided to combine her love of fashion and her passion for active living, into the Lara Fay Activewear brand. Lara grew up being exposed to beautiful fabrics, immense creativity and is always inspired by the beauty around her. Lara is optimistic and motivated to constantly live boldly, take risks and aspire to live the life she loves. Lara’s mission is to create beautiful clothes for women who aspire to live similar active lifestyles.


The Fabrics & Designs

Quality remains at the very heart of this brand. Luxurious performance fabrics have been carefully sourced from Italy, Brazil and South Africa. All the prints are designed in house and are unique to Lara Fay.


Pre-Order Products

Pre-Order products are limited edition items available to purchase for future delivery. We manufacture the exact amount requested by you the customers. 
Through our Pre-Order system, we can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell of one style. We therefore produce what we sell. This leads to higher resource efficiency and prevents senseless raw material waste.