5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Proper Running Shoes (That Look Good)

5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Proper Running Shoes (That Look Good) - Lara Fay Activewear

5 Reasons You Need to Invest in Proper Running Shoes (That Look Good). Let's talk running shoes. They’re your partner-in-crime when it comes to exploring the great outdoors as well as tackling those track sessions. So forget about sacrificing style to save yourself from sprained ankles. With seriously-cool, can’t-wait-to-wear pairs of running shoes available these days, now you can look both stylish & protect those feet.

By investing in a quality shoe that’s suited to running activity, you can not only ensure you have a comfortable workout, but you can also help prevent any foot and ankle damage you could get from wearing improper footwear

Still not sure whether to make the investment or stick with your trusty trainers?

Here are 5 reasons to take the leap.


They're Good for Your Feet

Running shoes will take care of your feet just like your favourite pedicurist. Materials like breathable mesh and GORE-TEX waterproof membranes reduce friction, moisture and sweat. And that prevents things like blisters and athlete’s foot. So your feet stay as fit as the rest of you.


 Your Feet Need Proper Support

There are different types of feet in the world. Some people have biomechanically normal feet, which has a normal arch that rolls inward and rolls outward when running. Some people have high arches or flat feet, which have a tendency to roll inward or outward too much during activity. If people with high arches or flat feet don’t wear shoes that are made for feet with this problem, it can result in pain and injury. Proper running shoes support different feet and work with your body to create the optimal running results.


You’ll Live in Them

Walking the dog? Check. Going to the shops? Check. 5-day hike along the coast? Check. Once you realize how lightweight, comfortable (and oh so stylish) running shoes can be, you’ll wear them everywhere. And we won’t blame you.


 They’re Environmentally Friendly

A good-quality pair of running shoes is the opposite of fast fashion. Durability is in the job description, so they’ll be with you km after km, adventure after adventure. So you can do good for the planet while you’re discovering it.


 They’ll Make You Want to Get Outdoors

We all know the motivating power of pulling on your favourite gym gear. And trust us, trail running shoes have the same effect. With comfortable, dry feet and some serious head-turning activewear, there’ll be no stopping you. Just grab a map – or the dog – and get out there.



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