5 Feel-Good Ways To Take Your Exercise Outdoors This Winter

5 Feel-Good Ways To Take Your Exercise Outdoors This Winter - Lara Fay Activewear

Who else loves that fresh air feeling? Swap your studio sessions for sweating it outside with these five outdoor endorphin rushes.


Trail Running Time

There is nothing quite quite like the feeling of one step in front of the other on a trail. Trees blowing in the wind and dirt at your toes is something truly special. Not to mention the beautiful views we get to see from trail running. It may be a hard workout at times but really is worth the sweat and potentially dirty leggings!


Take up Roller Skating

Ever noticed how happy anyone on roller skates seems? It’s the ultimate life’s-good activity – and a workout to rival any leg day. So grab some skates and channel the Venice-Beach vibes…



Be an Active Volunteer
Whether it’s building strength through conservation landscaping or laying down kms while clearing up waste on a litter-picking run, boost the feel-good factor by mixing exercise and charity work. Blue skies, endorphins and the buzz of making a difference? 



SUP-ing serenity

Calming, serene, and a serious core workout. More and more of us are getting into stand up paddleboarding on canals, dams or even the sea. While you get to float along and enjoy the scenery, your abs and shoulders get a workout you’ll feel the next day. 


Surfing our coasts
Don't be intimated by the oh-so-cool surfing reputation. The coastal towns of South Africa are home to some of the best beginner surf destinations, so you can start from scratch and feel like a pro in no time. Give it a try and you will see how you quickly get the hang of it and the waves become your friends!


Whatever you’ll be doing, get the right gear to do it in. Our new arrivals have all the feel-good pieces you need, from workout leggings for roller skating to soft tanks and shorts for your trail time. See you on the trails

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