Why Lara Fay Activewear Leggings are Worth it

Why Lara Fay Activewear Leggings are Worth it - Lara Fay Activewear

When it comes to exercise, you get back what you put in. When it comes to activewear, you get what you pay for. Here’s five reasons why Lara Fay Activewear Leggings are Worth it


Ethical, local 

 We make our leggings in transparent, safe and fair working conditions. Because they are made down the road, we have full visibility. Local is lekker as they say!



You can’t rush good design

 You may wonder why we don't launch new products constantly, well you can't rush the process. Bum-sculpting perfection takes time. Is it worth the wait? Absolutely. Our designs are often months/ years in the making. But all that thought, trial and adjusting makes them super comfortable and fit perfectly. Think useful pockets, no-wriggle, no-dig waistbands and the most flattering seamlines ever. We’ve nailed our compression-to-comfort balance and continue to enhance as we go. 



High-tech fabrics

 Prepare to perform with our technical performance fabrics. We carefully source, create and test these fabrics to make sure they tick every box.



Buy well

 Our leggings last. They can take your downward dogs, your lowest squats or your longest miles. They can go in and out of the wash without misshaping, fading or a single thread loosening. They’ll be your go-to workout partner for years. So while they’re an investment, they’ll likely cost less than three bad quality pairs.



Do-it-all styles

 You lead a busy life, so we’ve designed leggings to work with you. You’ll feel pulled-together every step of the way. From barre to brunch, sprint to school run and everything in-between, our leggings adapt with you. No longer just for exercise, take your Lara Fay leggings along for any ride. 


Ready to make a wise investment? Shop our leggings now.

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