How to Care For Your Activewear

How to Care For Your Activewear - Lara Fay Activewear



We know you love your new fitness gear and we couldn’t be happier! In fact, we want your active wardrobe to last as long possible. If you’re like us, your activewear doubles as all-day-wear. With that much wear, proper care can seriously lengthen the lifespan of your gymwear. High quality activewear is truly  worth the investment, and taking care of it means it will last you for years to come.

When it comes to washing your incredible workout clothes for women, including those sold here at Lara Fay Activewear, you want to keep in mind that workout apparel needs a different style of laundering than most of your other clothes. When you exercise, sweat and dead skin cells can build up in your workout gear. So how exactly should you clean your workout wear? Here are a few tips to ensure long-lasting leggings!

Don't Wait
Whilst you've just finished an intense workout and now rushing to a work meeting, try not to leave your worn activewear sitting around after your exercise session. Leaving sweaty clothes in a pile (or basket) can cause bacteria build up. Washing your activewear immediately after wearing will keep it fresh. If however you really don't have any time and can’t get them into the wash right away, let the sweat dry before throwing them in the hamper to prevent mold or bacteria.

Use Cold Water
To prevent your sportswear from fading we recommend washing in cold water. Using a hot water cycle can cause stains to stick and fabrics to shrink.

Skip the Fabric Softeners
Fabric softeners can ruin the fabric and elasticity of your activewear — it’s best to avoid it. They can also degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear. If you forget, just give your leggings an extra wash!


Avoid Rough Surfaces
Rubbing your workout gear against rough surfaces causes abrasions or pulls. Avoid consistent contact with surfaces such as concrete, decking, rocks and rough terrain.

Hang Dry
Avoid putting your activewear in the tumble dryer. The heat from the dryer can alter the performance of the fabric and can cause it to shrink. We recommend hanging your activewear in an area away from direct sunlight (to avoid fading) to dry. Plus, by hanging dry you avoid holes and tears!

Washing Techniques
Wash styles with multiple colours in them on their own to prevent colours bleeding. Wash similar plain colours together and turn your gymwear inside out. This will safeguard your clothes while also putting the “dirtiest” part of your workout wear on the outside of your garments, making them easier to clean. For extra protection, wash your activewear in an individual washing bag.


Washing Powder
Less is more! Many people believe that in order to get their clothing as clean as possible, they should use more detergent. But the truth is that washing machines can only handle so much detergent. If you add more, it simply will not wash out of your clothing properly. This means that the washing powder and the sweat and skin cells it was intended to wash away–simply builds up on your clothes instead. Therefore, you should actually use a little less detergent than you would normally use.

It’s important to note that all activewear fabrics will eventually degrade over time due to friction, heat, sweat, type and intensity of exercise, and how they are treated between wears. Following these tips will help keep your activewear in tip top condition and maximize its longevity. 

It isn’t rocket science, but we hope these tips can lengthen the lifespan of your activewear!

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