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Lara Fay Fabric Guide - Lara Fay Activewear

At Lara Fay Activewear we are obsessed with high quality fabrics. We are constantly exploring new fabric options available worldwide. All our sportswear fabrics are premium, breathable, quick drying and have varying levels of compression. Here is the list of our core fabrics, keeping you well-dressed and ready for any sweat session!


Italian sculpt fabric





When the going gets hot, try our signature ultra-lightweight fabric with the perfect mix of stretch and compression. Perfect for: HIIT, running, spinning.

COMPOSITION: 59% Polyamide, 41% Elastane.
QUICK DRYING: These are ultra-lightweight to wick away moisture and dry quickly.
4 WAY STRETCH + COMPRESSION: Helps increase your speed and post-workout recovery.
SCULPTING: An perfect elastane count ensures they flatter in all the right places.
MADE IN ITALY: We work with our mills to select the highest quality technical performance fabric.
OPACITY: 80% opaque. Made for running, avoid too many leg-in-the-air kind of activities.










Multi-functional and soft like a second skin, meet our most versatile layer for all activities. Perfect for: Boxing, running, HIIT, Pilates, spin (pretty much everything...)

COMPOSITION: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane.

SUPER STRETCHY: 4 Way Stretch, moving and gliding with your body, without any restrictions.
SWEAT-WICKING: We’ve used quick drying fibers for all-day comfort.
COMFORTABLE: Feels lovely and soft against your skin.
OPACITY: 90% opaque. Suitable for every sport, we wear for yoga and Pilates.














A soft cottony-feel fabric that offers support and incredible comfort. Perfect for all workouts, though we love ours for yoga, barre and weights.

COMPOSITION: 85% Polyamide,15% Elastane
99% SQUAT PROOF: We've got you covered, the super soft sculpting fabric is downward dog and squat approved.
SCULPTING: This fabric will sculpt and support you for all your sweat sessions.
SILKY SOFT: a soft luxurious fabric which almost feels like cotton on your skin.
QUICK-DRYING: Despite feeling like cotton, this fabric breathes easily and dries quickly.
OPACITY: 99% opaque = downward dog safe. 












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