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Keeping it healthy in lockdown


We're trying to make the most of our temporarily housebound lives. Taking this moment of reprieve as an opportunity to finally catch up on all the things pending, from health to housekeeping. Whether its reading that suggested novel, finally doing the online course, sorting out your closet, doing something creative. Well, ladies, now’s the time.

It is in this 'quiet' time, we may come up with new ideas, a few aha moments surely will arise. Take that time to allow the mind to wander and to dream. You never know, something incredible may show its head. 

While making the most of our time indoors, we want to keep the mind and body in tip-top shape. Below are a few immune-boosting, body strengthening, and mind-calming tips to feel good for the next few.


Create a schedule.
Priority number 1! Don’t just wake up whenever and procrastinate all day. Instead, create a daily schedule to keep you productive and help make the most of your time. Feeling accomplished every day will make all the difference to your well-being. 


Eat your vegetables.
We all need to keep our immune system healthy at this time and leafy vegetables especially help in this regard. Aim for four to six cups of immune-boosting leafy greens, plus load up on other veggies and fruit. 

Vitamins (D, C and Zinc).
Vit D deficiency  is associated with increased susceptibility to infection, and sadly, given our digital era, most of us are deficient. Vit C when taken daily, studies have shown it reduces the likelihood of colds and flu. A supplement with Zinc reduces colds and flu. Ask your Dr for the recommended dose.

Make sure to move your body until you work up a sweat for at least 30 minutes a day. Add this into your daily schedule. Check out our favourite at-home online workouts here.

If ever there was a time to tackle that massive pile of books accumulating next to your bed, now is it. Instead of starting your morning with emails, scrolling through social media going into 'default mode', why not start that book you have been meaning to for 6 months.

Video Apps
Stay connected with loved ones on video apps such as Facetime or Whatsapp. Have fun with it! Check in over coffee, pour a glass of wine together at night or do a gym session remotely.

Get at least seven to eight hours every night. Making sure to get enough sleep every night will help keep your immune system strong and your mind clear.

Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.

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