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With many of us working from home currently, cooking (and cleaning) all day, every day has become a new normal. Coming up with new meals constantly can be tiresome and requires endless imagination.

Here’s where the good news comes in. With so many virtual classes and stunning cookbooks just a click away, it’s never been easier to improve your cooking skills. Plus, time spent mastering your culinary skills can be incredibly meditative and creative. If you're looking for a little inspiration we have put together a few suggested South African recipe books and online platforms to inspire you in your meal planning. We have also included a few international books which are filled with delicious home cooking ideas. Unfortunately the cleaning still needs to be done!




The Lazy Makoti's Guide to the Kitchen by Mogau Seshoene

Joburg-based chef Mogau Seshoene released her first cookbook, titled The Lazy Makoti's Guide to the Kitchen and it soon became a bestseller in South Africa. Seshoene is also the owner of the ' The Lazy Makoti ', an online cooking platform. Ginger beer, pap, and dumplings to chakalaka and tripe, the book is filled with treasured recipes that make home-made, traditional South African meals easy. Mastering the kitchen can seem pretty intimidating, especially when confronted with chefs who seem to do everything with ease. The recipes use simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry or fridge, and if not, they're readily available in all our favourite grocery stores.


The Great South African Cookbook

67 of South Africa's greatest chefs, gardeners, bakers, farmers, foragers and local heroes let us into their homes as they share the recipes they make for the people they love. Featuring over 130 recipes, from tried and true classics to contemporary fare, The Great South African Cookbook showcases the diversity and creativity of South Africa's vibrant, unique food culture. Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for human rights and social justice. The Nelson Mandela Foundation receives all royalties from sales of the book to develop and support community food and agricultural projects that will improve the lives of those who are in need of food and who need to be freed from poverty.


Super Natural by Sarah Graham

Super Natural centers around natural, whole foods, celebrating seasonal produce, good fats and whole grains, pulses and legumes, and foods that are almost entirely free of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Best of all, the recipes are easy, budget friendly and delicious. And for Sarah Graham's loyal fans, Super Natural is a guide to living well and eating mindfully - a continuation of her highly popular cookbook Wholesome, which is heading towards its fifth printing. Besides the health benefits of eating more vegetables and, ultimately, fewer animal products, Sarah also has a more altruistic motive, that of caring for our planet and being more aware of where our food comes from and how our eating impacts our world.


Sakara Life: Eat Clean, Play Dirty

Gone are the early days of complete self-isolation, wherein ice cream and wine were considered dinner. Instead let’s come out of this looking (and feeling) our best. Filled with healthy, beautiful, and Insta-worthy meals and superfood desserts, these pages are sure to inspire healthy living.


5 Ingredients- Jamie Oliver

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - that's why Jamie's 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen.

It's all about making the journey to good food, super-simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients, ensuring you can get a plate of food together fast, whether it's finished and on the table super-quickly, or after minimal hands-on prep, you've let the oven do the hard work for you. We're talking quality over quantity, a little diligence on the cooking front, and in return massive flavour. Each recipe has been tried and tested (and tested again!) to ensure the book is packed with no-fuss, budget-friendly dishes that you can rustle up, any day of the week.


Life in Balance- Donna Hay 

These days we are bombarded with fad diets, what to give up, what to eat more of. Its all a little confusing. Donna Hay's bestselling book is about a sustainable, realistic and a balanced approach to healthy eating. The only kind of diet that works, after all, is the balanced diet - the one you can sustain for life. When your life is in balance, you feel great and it shows!

Donna says: 'If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's that I'm happiest when life is balanced. It rings true in all areas- work and play, friends and family, and, for me especially, food. Diets have never been my thing, I don't like the idea of anyone being on one! But I do love the way food can make me feel, uplifting me with energy, nourishing me with cosy goodness, or treating me with a little sweetness. LIFE IN BALANCE is about embracing food and all its benefits. Each chapter, from breakfast to baking, has simple recipes enriched with nature's superfoods - think leafy greens, bright fresh berries, creamy nuts and nourishing grains. Plus, I've profiled all my power pantry staples for you, like chia seeds, coconut sugar and raw cacao. Let this book help you find your own perfect balance, while enjoying every bite.'






The bestselling South African author Mogau Seshoene gives us some great cooking inspiration on her IGTV channel. Simple delicious home cooking at its best!



A fantastic combination of wellness inspiration, recipes and overall healthy living. 



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